We are a group of creative people who decided to join skills and backgrounds to give life to our first animation movie in stop motion, MR. SMOKE


He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1979, where he trained as a musician and plastic artist. In 2000 he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he currently lives. Back then, he continues his artistic training adding to those disciplines already mentioned, the theater, the clown and the construction of unique sets, puppets and musical instruments. For the last 20 years he has dedicated himself to create shows where scenic and plastic arts cohabitate together. Thus creating his own and original language in each work. In recent years he ventures into the audiovisual arts, as a director, screenwriter, builder and animator, for the analog animation short film titled Mr. Smoke. Along with other artists of the audiovisual medium.

Main projects of the last 10 years

• Cía. Rhum y Cia, shows: “Rhumia”2016 , “Rhumans” 2018, “Gran Reserva” 2020
• Cía. Los Moñekos shows: “Amortal Combat” 2015 y “Ameba” 2017
• Cía Paganini show: “Lonely Room” 2015
• Quartet To Three musical group, longplay “Sin pies” 2015
• Cía. La Clandestina” music circus show 2013
• Cía Macramé” show: “El hombre bala” 2012
• Cía Obskené” show: “L’ogret” 2012
• Cía. Familia Salón” show: “Living room” 2012
• Cía. Anécdotas Anatómicas” show “Anècdotas anatòmicas” 2010-12
• Cía. Páramo Cero show ”En el Páramo” 2005-2010
• Cía. Paramo Cero show “Antímeros” 2010
• Cía. Chipolatas show ”Retox” 2010
• Cía. Twisted Fairground 2010, as a musician.

(Animator and 3d Generalist)

Painting Bachelor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1998, Barcelona. From the arts in general, he discovered the magic of animation in a Super8 photo sequence; he started to love giving life to characters, drawing and creating stories. From the fine arts he discovered that the art of animating is full of small trades. In the year 2000, he gets a master’s degree in computer animation at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. And from there he began a route through all the technological tools (3D Maya, NUKE … etc) which will stay with him during his next projects. This journey through animation and 3d takes him to work in visual effects in productions such as “REC2” “REC3”, “BURIED”, “EVA”, productions in immersive and stereoscopic images … and the union of all these experiences are now the basis of his actual work as a teacher for future 3D generalists.

Multidisciplinary Artist

She was born in Turin, Italy, in the middle of the 1970s. She considers herself as an independent, self-taught artist, in constant movement. Change and adaptation to it are the basis of her work and an infinite source of inspiration in her lifestyle and in her creative proposals. In the last 20 years her work has developed around the performing arts. Alternating performances, props making and stage backgrounds building, as well as creating personal installations. Since 2012 she is dedicating herself exclusively to design and construction. Having found in scenography a channel to give free expression to her imagination and her passion for drawing, designing and building. Challenges are often a motivation to work in unordinary projects. She enjoys teamwork as well as solo creations. These are the main projects of the past years: HAA COLLECTIVE (current), 24th Winter Circusshow “SOPA”, directed by Marcel et Ses Drôles de Femmes (2019), Reflekt! (Personal Project-Installation, 2017), Cia Têtes de Mules (2016-2018), Xucrut Teatre (2016) as well as the 19th Winter Circus in the show FIRA (2014).