MR SMOKE is the first independent cinematographic project of DUST PRODUCCION.ES

It Took us years to get here, but now the project is ready and we have the pleasure to proudly present it to you!

MR. SMOKE is a simple love story, very simple. It talks about encounters and disagreements, lonely characters who want to accompany each other. It shows morphologically strange beings very different from each other who sometimes look for a mirror to see themselves and other times to break it.
However, they also seek what almost everyone in life does, to make sense of it.
Thus we see them trying to give a meaning to their existence, to the passage of time, and when possible, giving, receiving or, better said, sharing some gesture of love.

Mr. Smoke is an old-school animation movie. It’ inspired by the style of Jan ┼ávankmajer or the Quay Brothers, among other greats of the genre. Both the characters and the scenery are handcrafted. We combined different materials and made great use of the upcycling. ( Which consists in transforming real elements into other objects through imagination and … many hours in the workshop!)

We want to dedicate Mr. Smoke to our photographer and friend ANDREA SPALLETTI, who left this world while we were filming.
We had a long break.
Our soul ached.
We came to think that it would be impossible to finish the movie without him.
However, because of those wonderful things in life, his professional colleague and friend, DANIEL ARVIZU, appeared. He intended to give an end to some unfinished Andrea’s projects. That’s how he took his place and finished filming with us 3.
As you can imagine, this event was an indescribable emotion for the entire team. It made reality to complete the project, and it offered the possibility that Andrea would also do it, in one or many ways, together with us.